At Inspired Outcomes, we have identified a need amongst seniors in their retirement years. That need is a single place they can contact to get assistance with all matters of living arrangements, from moving to a better environment to everyday requirements.

Inspired Outcomes was started in 2006 as a Project Management consultancy and has now changed paths to specialise in Seniors Advocacy Services. Margaret has her Real Estate certificate which assists in ensuring the Professional Real Estate Agents introduced perform to a Code of Conduct. 

Margaret was previously a Registered Nurse with experience in geriatric nursing and has a Business Administration degree majoring in Financial Management. Margaret also has many years of project management delivering major projects for institutions such as the Australian War Memorial and National Museum. For five years, Margaret was a senior project manager placing new houses within indigenous communities across the top of Australia.

We use this experience to ensure every effort is made to reduce the stress for the client and allow them to enjoy the experience of finding and moving into a new home.

The most important thing for seniors is the kind of assistance we offer as many do not have children or other family living close by. We can help with the many issues, both big and small, that seniors will come across when they move to retirement living.

Inspired Outcomes is able to fill this position by helping them through our pickup service. This service enables our seniors to travel around and individually look at retirement sites so they get the right feel about the place they are considering moving into. Once satisfied we then take care of the rest, assisting to complete the numerous details of purchasing and moving.

In essence, we become ‘surrogate’ children and family.

Some of the tasks we have undertaken include:

  • Made arrangements for the moving of pets
  • Sourced curtain makers for the new home
  • Assisted in disposing of redundant furniture and other goods
  • Plotted the new home’s floor plan to ensure that furniture will fit and should be moved.
  • Arranged for the packers and movers to quote and fulfil the relocation.