Inspired Outcomes, developed by Seniors Advocate Margaret Warren, provides a “beautifully companioned” service to assist people to downsize from their family home to a Resort, Retirement Village or Nursing Home.

As each step required is personally provided for or supervised by Margaret, seniors can enjoy a stress-free service in making one of the biggest decisions of their lives. Their adult children can also be assured of peace of mind that parents will be well looked after, even in cases where the children may not live locally, or even live interstate.

The comprehensive service provided by Inspired Outcomes commences with:

  1. Initial Consultation
    1. A free consultation, including a survey ascertaining what type of home the person, or couple, may be looking for is undertaken.
    2. Once this decision is made, a consultant from Inspired Outcomes makes the appointment to take the person personally to view 3 different types of Resort or Village that will meet their requirements. They inspect the units and look at the facilities and benefits of each Resort or Village until the client knows which is the best choice for them.
  2. They then ensure that the unit is reserved by indicating expression of interest or hold and providing the necessary documentation.

  3. Home Sale
    1. The next step is to list their home for sale, so to assist to get their home market-ready, a consultant from Inspired Outcomes calls in a tradesman from their network if required to undertake any repair jobs.
    2. They also bring in two Real Estate Agents to undertake valuation and assessment, both of whom know how to deal sensitively with seniors.
  4. Our consultants understand that this can be a challenging time and so sits with their clients to help to walk them through this process and be the “buffer” between them and the Real Estate Agency.

  5. Downsizing and Preparation for their new home
    1. To ensure that the clients feel “at home” in their new home, the consultant from Inspired Outcomes takes photographs of their current home to ensure where furniture and beloved keepsakes are placed, including photographs, favourite items of china, favourite coffee mug etc. They also arrange for photos to be taken inside the cupboards so that those unpacking to set up their new home know where to place their crockery, saucepans and cutlery etc to set up their new home – this attention to detail is outstanding!
    2. The next step is to ascertain what items of furniture they wish to take to their new home? To ensure that this is a smooth process, the consultant arranges for items to be measured, and the floor plant of the unit measured so that it remains as homely as possible. 
    3. In cases where the items cannot be taken, the consultant will personally take their client shopping for that new lounge or dining room suite to ensure that their new unit feels like home when they finally move in. They will even help them to choose new blinds or curtaining if required.
    4. To assist with the “de-cluttering” process, a company called “Letting Go” is called in. Once the decision is made about which items are to be taken to their new home and which will be given to relatives or friends, the remainder is sold for them on Gum Tree, E-Bay, or at a Garage sale or Auction House. The consultant's sensitivity and attention to detail are outstanding for their clients during this somewhat challenging time. They will arrange for treasured items to be packed and sent safely to relatives, and have even been known to spend hours helping a client to clean her silver service to obtain a much better price – sufficient to pay for the curtains and blinds in her new home!
    5. They will also arrange for Contents Insurance for their new home.
    6. If their clients no longer require their car, they will arrange for this to be sold.
    7. As their clients may also be eligible for Rental Assistance, they will accompany them to Centrelink if required to ensure they receive this benefit. 
  6. For those who need a Solicitor, Accountant or Financial Advisor, they can refer her clients to such reputable professionals. 

  7. Removal Process:
    1. 4 weeks before the move, a consultant from Inspired Outcomes arranges for the Electricity, Gas, Phone or Foxtel to be disconnected and reconnected to their new home. During this process, they can often provide a discounted deal for their clients! They also arrange for a mail redirection with Aust Post.
    2. The consultant then calls in 3 companies of Packers and Movers to give quotes so a decision can be made.
    3. They then arrange for cleaners to come in to ensure a spotless home for incoming buyers.
  8. On removal day, The consultant ensures that they take their clients out for coffee or lunch, and then brings them back personally to see their new home.

  9. Welcome Home
  10. When the client enters their new home everything is in place, as much as possible according to how their former home was arranged – crockery and saucepans in cupboards, medication in a familiar place, their favourite mug, coffee and sugar at hand. Even the bed is made up for them, and a basket of fruit on the table! 

  11. Follow Up
  12. The consultant from Inspired Outcomes is also available for their clients if they need to get back to them for consultation after their move.

And the BENEFITS of such a comprehensive, “beautifully companied” Service?

Because the Inspired Outcomes consultant cares so much for their clients and provides such a sensitive and yet professional service, they virtually become a “surrogate family member” for all involved, both their clients and their adult children. The result is:  

  • PEACE OF MIND for those who need to move from their beloved home and memories into a completely new environment.  
  • A STRESS-FREE Service for children concerned about elderly parents, who may themselves be “time poor”, or not live locally. 

In many cases, seniors seem to be the ones who get left behind or forgotten about. We understand that for many years they have offered and assisted others in times when they require help, and now those they have helped have gone or move on with their lives. We have successfully helped many clients to a better outlook and introduced them to a better and easier way of life.

Below is a list of services we provide:

  1. A free Needs Analysis Service
  2. Assistance to find the right place to reside
  3. Property Sale Guidance Service
  4. Service to groom residence ready for sale
  5. De-Clutter Service
  6. Moving Service
  7. Re-Establish Services
  8. Referral Service